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SOUTH AFRICA: South African Brenda Fassie, immortalized in a series of feminist comics!

Brenda Fassie en BD.

A book of mini-comics will pay tribute to the South African singer Brenda Fassie and 50 other women.
Entitled Femme Magnifique: A Salute to 50 Magnificent Women, the book composed of several mini-comic strips will feature 50 women still living or not having marked the world in one way or another.

In this book we can find, among others, Nina Simone, Michelle Obama, writer Octavia Butler and star dancer Misty Copeland.

American comic editor Shelly Bond turned to South African writer Lauren Beukes and cartoonist Anja “Nanna” Venter to pay tribute to an iconic woman from South Africa. Lauren Beukes and Anja “Nanna” Venter chose the singer Brenda Fassie, tragically disappeared in 2004 at the age of 39 years.

A Biographical Comic Book
Thus, Brenda Fassie will appear in a sort of mini-biography of three pages highlighting the cultural heritage that the singer has left behind. “Brenda Fassie works at all levels,” Lauren Beukes told Brand South Africa. As a provocative pop star, a lesbian icon, a black woman who lived apartheid and who sang about personal and political things. ”

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Throughout these three pages of history, the artist, Anja “Nanna” Venter, has transcribed the different phases of the life of the singer as well as her looks signatures. The book, which has benefited from a more than successful participatory fundraising campaign, will be available for sale internationally on September 27th.

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