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SENEGAL: # Do not use a hashtag to fight FGM.


In 2016, there were 200 million women and girls in the world to have undergone some form of genital mutilation, according to the United Nations. A phenomenon that persists despite the sensitization on its harmful effects. Since January 29, 2018, a new hashtag has appeared on Senegalese social networks: # Touchepasàmoncorps. Objective: fight against this scourge.

Clitoridectomy (partial or total removal of the clitoris), excision (partial or total removal of the clitoris and labia minora), infibulation (narrowing of the vaginal opening by ablation and joining of the labia minora and / or labia majora, with or without ablation clitoris), all of which is experienced by many women as a social norm to which families bend to avoid being rejected by their community. In Senegal 25% of women are circumcised. The Senegalese association launched on January 29, 2018 a movement called “Touch not to my body”. Goal ; support women who are victims of sexual violence. “From Monday, January 29, we will ask all women to post a photo on social networks accompanied by #touchepasamoncorps as follows (X drawn on the palm),” reads a statement of said association. And we can say that Senegalese women have joined this movement that wants to send a message of “universal support to girls and women victims of these practices, better inform the population on the consequences of the practice of excision and, on the long term, eliminate the practice of excision. ” It should be noted that female genital mutilation is a global phenomenon and three million girls are victims of genital mutilation each year.

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The elimination of female genital mutilation has been the subject of many calls from intergovernmental organizations, including the African Union, the European Union and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. It has also been the subject of three resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly.


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