Home CULTURE SENEGAL: “Endiscipline”, the last single of mister Ndongo-D from DaraaJ Family.

SENEGAL: “Endiscipline”, the last single of mister Ndongo-D from DaraaJ Family.


One of the first pioneers of Senegalese rap was again illustrated with his new single: “Endiscipline”. The gentleman “Hip Hop” has hit again with his new tube that encourages his Senegalese compatriots to cultivate more civism in their daily behavior. Already more than 30 000 views in one day, the one of August 19 where the official clip was put on the platform YouTube.

It is through the publication of his new music video that the music lovers have once again pulled a cheap hat to Ndongo-D, author and artist of the group Daara J (the school of life).

True to its reputation, Ndongo-D has once again attracted all attention with its new production entitled “Endiscipline” as “End”: Finish in English and “Discipline” discipline, basically finish with the indiscipline. The idol of many young people of his country, the international artist evoked the arrogant or insolent behavior of some Senegalese in their professional and professional life.

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Ndongo-D took advantage of this tube in the form of sensitization, to the ambient disorder, to recall the basic principles that underlie the civic behavior of a citizen. He also mentioned the upsurge of unhealthy and unethical practices aimed at degrading the environment and also tarnishing the image of an exemplary citizen.

This icon of Senegalese music and rap in particular gives a lesson in civism to preserve discipline through its new piece. However, its application and the accompanying measures still remain subjects for deep reflection.

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