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SENEGAL : Activist Guy Marius Sagna regains provisional freedom.


It is this Friday, August 16, 2019 towards the shots of 17h that Guy Marius Sagna member of the movement FRAPP-FRANCE DEGAGE was released after spending a month in prison. He was indicted and put under arrest warrant for false warning through a post on his Facebook page denouncing that France is planning a bomb attack in Senegal.

The facts date back 19 July 2019 following the death of the deceased Ousmane Tanor Dieng President of the HCCT (High Council of Territorial Communities). Indeed, Guy Marius Sagna was indignant at the sad fate of our rulers who, after 59 years in power have been able to endow this country hospital infrastructure worthy of the name to the point of going to the former colonial power to heal .

After posting this cry of heart on his Facebook page, the activist and founding member of the anti-imperialist anti-imperialist movement FRAPP-FRANCE DEGAGE was picked by the police. Guy Marius Sagna was heard and placed in custody. Thus, the authorities, knowing that this argument is too light as a charge, fell back on a statement signed, not by the activist but by all the movement of which he is a member to accuse him of offense of false alarm to terrorism.

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The authorities know that, in fact, Guy Marius Sagna’s certificate would be a good pretext to lessen the endless demonstrations that are going on all over the country to denounce the spoliation of the country’s natural resources and to demand more transparency in the management. public money.


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