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SENEGAL: The list of the new government.


Maxime Jean Simon Ndiaye, Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic, unveiled the list of members of the government of Mahammed Abdallah Dionne on Thursday, 7 September 2017.

1. Augustin Tine, Minister of the Armed Forces
2. Sidiki Kaba, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Senegalese from outside
3. Aly Ngouille Ndiaye, Minister of the Interior
4. Ismaïla Madior Fall, Keeper of the Seals, Minister of Justice
5. Abdoulaye Daouda Diallo, Minister of Infrastructure, Land Transport and Disenchantment
6. Amadou Bâ, Minister of the Economy, Finance and Planning
7. Mansour Faye, Minister of Hydraulics and Sanitation
8. Diene Farba Sarr, Minister of Urban Renewal, Habitat and Living Environment
9. Mariama Sarr, Minister of Public Service, Workforce Streamlining and Public Service Renewal
10. Papa Abdoulaye Seck, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Equipment
11. Mansour Elimane Kane, Minister of Oil and Energy
12. Abdoulaye Diouf Sarr, Minister of Health and Social Welfare
13. Ndèye Sali Diop Dieng, Minister for Women, Family and Gender
14. Serigne Mbaye Thiam, Minister of National Education
15. Mary Teuw Niane, Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation
16. Alioune Sarr, Minister for Trade, Consumer Affairs, the Informal Sector and SMEs
17. Aminata Mbengue Ndiaye, Minister of Livestock and Animal Production
18. Mamadou Talla, Minister of Vocational Training, Learning and Crafts
19. Omar Guèye, Minister for Fisheries and Maritime Economy
20. Yaya Abdoul Kane, Minister of Territorial Governance, Development and Regional Planning
21. Moustapha Diop, Minister of Industry and Small and Medium Industry
22. Mbagnick Ndiaye, Minister of African Integration, NEPAD and Fracophonie
23. Matar Bâ, Minister of Sports
24. Samba Sy, Minister of Labor, Social Dialogue, Professional Organizations and Relations with Institutions
25. Abdoulatif Coulibaly, Minister of Culture
26. Khoudia Mbaye, Minister for the Promotion of Investments, Partnerships and Development of Teleservices of the State
27. Abdoulaye Bibi Baldé, Minister of Communication, Telecommunications, Post and Digital Economy
28. Maimouna Ndoye Seck, Minister of Air Transport and Airport Infrastructure Development
29. Mame Mbaye Niang, Minister of Tourism
30. Aissatou Sophie Gladima Siby, Minister of Mines and Geology
31. Mame Thierno Dieng, Minister of the Environment and Sustainable Development
32. Pape Gorgui Ndong, Minister of Youth, Citizen Construction and Promotion of Volunteering
33. Aminata Angélique Manga, Minister of Solidarity Economy and Microfinance
34. Abdoulaye Diop, Minister of Employment, Vocational Integration and Labor Intensification
35. Ndeye Ramatoulaye Gueye Diop, Minister of Good Governance and Child Welfare
36. Souleymane Jules Diop, Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister, in charge of the PUDC
37. Birima Mangara, Minister Delegate to the Minister for the Economy, Finance and Planning, in charge of the Budget
38. Abdou Ndéné Sall, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Infrastructure, Land Transport and Opening-Up, responsible for Railway Development
39. Moustapha Lô Diatta, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Agriculture and Rural
the Accompaniment and the mutualisation of peasant organizations.
40 Sheikh Kanté, Minister for PES Follow-up

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Ministers of State without Department
1.Eva Marie Colle Seck
2.Mbaye Ndiaye
3.Mamouht Saleh

39 council ministers are added to the list of 41 ministers appointed during the last government reorganization. This makes a total of 80 ministers. </ Strong>

The list of ministers advisors 
1. Moustapha Diakhaté, Minister / Chief of Staff
2. Elhadj Hamidou Kassé
3. Youssou Ndour
4. Serigne Mbaye Dia
5. Diagna Ndiaye
6. Ousmane Ndiaye
7. Baba Diaw
8. Bassirou Mbacke Typ
9. Benoît Sambou
10. Mor Ngom
11. Abdoul Aziz Mbaye
13. Zator Mbaye
14. Jean Pierre Senghor
15. Hamidou Dia ??
16. Seydou Diouf
17. Ndongo Ndiaye
18. Abdou Mboup
19. Amy mbacke Thiam
20. Abdoulaye Sali Sall
21. Seydina Issa Laye Kane
22. Pr Bamba Kane
23. Bineta Gassama
24. Sheikh Sakho
25. Abdoulaye Badji, Minister
26. Arona Coumba Ndoffene Diouf
27. Moustapha Fall CHE
28. Penda Mbow
29. Dr Fallou Samb
30. Abdoul Aziz Diop
31. Sheikh Mbacke Sakho
32. Ndeye Marieme Badiane
33. Pape Magueye Diop
34. Seydina Elhadj Laye Seck
35. Ablaye Sally Sall
36. Zahra Iane Thiam
37. Omar demba ba
38. Sidy Ben Omar Kanbe
39. Abdoulaye Seydou Sow

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