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SENEGAL – Macky Sall inflexible in the face of opposition threats

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We are probably heading towards serious blockages during the parliamentary elections scheduled for 31 July 2022 in Senegal. Last week, the Constitutional Council confirmed the rejection of the national list of Yewwi Askan Wi, the opposition coalition led by Ousmane Sonko’s party, an unfortunate candidate in the 2019 presidential election.

Already on Wednesday, June 08, thousands of opposition supporters had expressed their anger against this rejection at Place de la Nation in Dakar. Despite these tensions, Senegalese President Macky Sall remains completely inflexible. For him, it is not at all a question of procrastinating with respect for the electoral code and its ‘requirements’.

This is what he reaffirmed on Thursday 09 June on a French television channel. ” A legislative election is organized by a code and electoral system that makes Senegal proud. If we are a stable country, it is not by chance. This electoral system is the product of consultation and consolidation, which made it possible to move towards this legislative election. A list that is not equal is not admissible. If you make a list that does not comply with the law, it is eliminated. Quite simply. It’s the law. It’s tough, but it’s the law,’ he said.

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Regarding the threats made by the opposition regarding the holding of the election itself if the rejection of their list of incumbents is maintained, Macky Sall has again said he is opposed to any preferential treatment towards anyone. For him, the general election will indeed take place.

” Why, when it comes to the opposition, when there is a decision that is unfavourable, we have to call for the end of the world? That is not how we respect democracy. In any case, the country is going to hold these elections. The constitutional council decided so. If there are blockages, they will be managed in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country ”, concluded the Senegalese president.

So we are far from a consensus on this legislative election. This raises fears of the spectre of new social unrest as in March 2021 in this country.


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