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IVORY COAST : Kun’si, the first Nappy beauty salon in Abidjan.


In 2011, Mariam Diaby launches Nappy de Babi on the internet. And immediately manages to federate women who prefer to keep their natural hair. Initially, it was a group for two or three people, to discuss the right actions to maintain the frizzy hair. But the community has grown rapidly, and today has more than 24,000 members from around the world, on the Facebook page, and a little over 11,000 in the group. Mariam Diaby passes another stage and sets up Kun’si, the first Nappy beauty salon in Abidjan.

Located in the Remblai district of Koumassi commune, Kun’si is a beauty salon dedicated to the care, maintenance and styling of frizzy hair. But not only that, shampoos, repair damaged hair, hairstyles of all kinds (those of everyday, as for specific ceremonies). Mariam Diaby’s ambition is to set up a center in each municipality of Abidjan, then the big cities of the country … She aims, in the long term, the international. The goal is to provide the Nappy community with a network of centers that provide them with hair care and affordable costs.

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Kun’si intends to go further by initiating regular themed workshops. Everything will revolve around beauty: hair, body, food, clothes, etc. But also very practical workshops on hair care, and regular training of staff.


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