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SENEGAL: Macky Sall refuses to rule on third term

President Macky Sall

During his face-to-face meeting with the press in the program the “Grand entretien” at the end of 2020, President Macky Sall of the Senegalese Republic stands by his position and refuses to give any details on the debate on a possible third term as head of Senegal. For him, no one can force him to make a final decision on this issue, which has been burning the lips of all citizens since his re-election in March 2019.

Facing the journalists on 31 December 2020 at the Presidential Palace, the Head of State Macky Sall has once again seen the question on the third term, the passionate and passionate debate of political analysts and members of the Senegalese opposition. 

A question that will have to wait for the answer since the President of the Republic Macky Sall was categorical: “Nothing has happened since last year for me to change my position on the question of the third mandate. And I repeat what I said last year about the second mandate. You can’t impose on me something I don’t want to say. And I will not accept a member of my party or my coalition talking about it.”

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This is probably going to continue to raise the suspicions of the opposition. The latter is convinced that the Head of State is preparing the Senegalese people for a new candidacy as was the case in 2012 with the President of the Republic Me Abdoulaye Wade.


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