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SENEGAL-LEGISLATIVE: Defeat of politicians, victory of the people!


In the aftermath of the legislative elections, which mobilized an entire country on the continent and in its diaspora, El Hadji Gorgui Wade Ndoye, director of the Pan-African magazine “Continent Premier” and journalist accredited to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, Plume to deliver its analysis on the situation post and after elections:

The Senegalese people were again the great winner by far and paradoxically more political than their politician class. The only lesson to be drawn: We have to go to the obvious Senegalese politician class is stubborn, very stubborn. For your grace, listen to your people who are still giving you lessons in life, dignity and combativity under the seal of a great responsibility. A collective introspection is more than urgent while there is still time!


47 lists to wear on the back to choose 165 deputies! Hallucinating. Someone said yesterday because I had fun taking all the lists before going to the polling booth: “It’s hard to choose if we did not already have a clear idea who to vote for!”. And it was personally my own!
In addition, the campaign was carried out and maintained in a climate of real and latent violence that did nothing good for the immediate future of the country. A single small spark would have sufficed to burn this beautiful and beautiful country. Fortunately, I repeat, there are superior forces in this country that will not let politicians burn it!

Deplorable organization
And these incredible and avoidable dysfunctions in the organization of the ballot. Yes, this ballot, the government must know it will not remain in the political memory of our country as an example. Yet, we have everything to make things right. All ! Since the 1990s, as I said to a Senegalese lawyer friend based in Canada, it is clear that we can not steal elections in Senegal. It is clear, free to anyone to doubt it but the facts are stubborn! So why then and government and opposition we waste our time on details instead of respect the intelligence of Senegalese and Senegalese.

Poverty debate
Here, too, the press, while remaining neutral, should be able to organize quality debates to enlighten public opinion not to put people who defile our ears with insults! The boy who screams the strongest typing vigorously more on the table insulting with the most perfect hypocrisy this one or this one thinks is so powerful while the Senegalese certainly love to feed their curiosity but it is mainly to laugh at these temporary stars As in the theater. When the time comes, they know what to do!

Divided opposition: A RV missed with history
The ball of egos, personal ambitions sometimes not illuminated by a political vision and a solid social base, the desire to bar the way to an “enemy”, to weigh themselves in order to better offer itself also to the power and or better placed Opponents sometimes also a good commitment to make politics differently … a whole non-exhaustive picture rather disparate that describes this opposition which failed to write a special page of the Political History of Senegal. It is clear that the opposition is numerically the majority after the legislative election. Why did she lose? The devil is well in his shoes: lack of generosity towards one another, lack of cold reading of the electoral situation of the country and its social economic transformation!
If the opposition had maintained its unitary framework with a single list facing the coalition government it would have won. She could have imposed cohabitation on the President of the Republic Macky SALL. She did not do it. Will it think of forming strong coalitions one or two at the most before the deadline of the 2019 presidential elections? If it does not it will still lose the mother of battles: the presidential. It’s clear !

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Macky Sall
The Head of State guarding the security of the Senegalese and the free expression of their freedoms should necessarily resume dialogue with the opposition. It is a moral and political obligation to try to find strong consensuses with political parties and civil society in order to give all the institutional guarantees in order to avoid a lack of confidence in the capacities of its Free and transparent elections. Those who say that our young President should not do less in terms of democracy compared to Abdou Diouf and Abdoulaye Wade are right. Senegalese are proud and expect their President to give them more opportunities to remain proud of their country.

No drop of blood should flow into our democracy. The elections should no longer give rise to fears of destabilization of the country. And this is well within our reach. It is therefore necessary to empty political issues before the next big deadline so that only the programs can confront the parties and that the Senegalese beyond their difference in terms of political choices can remain eternally sisters and human brothers!

To the deputies of the Diaspora
You will have a new task, new responsibilities. A first in the history of our country. It’s up to you to bring this new blood into the Hemicycle. Be humble, learn and go beyond your masters. Be builders for our young Republic. Avoid bragging, you have seen me, and be true knights for our people. A new page opens and it will be told tomorrow. It’s up to you to fill it with Honor.

By El Hadji Gorgui Wade NDOYE – Director of the Panafrican Magazine ContinentPremier.Com. / Journalist accredited to the United Nations in Geneva-Switzerland.


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