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SENEGAL – Mayor Amadou Diarra joins APR

Macky Sall et Amadou Diarra

Who would have believed it! The mayor of the commune of Pikine Nord, Amadou Diarra, preferred to join the presidential mobility. Received on Monday, May 10, 2021 at the Palace of the Republic by the Head of State Macky Sall, the now ex-member of the Executive Secretariat and the Steering Committee of the Senegalese Democratic Party (PDS), will undertake to work with the President of the Republic. A few months before the local elections, Amadou Diarra made a strong choice that risks weighing heavily on his credibility because he had expressed his loyalty to the PDS and to former President Abdoulaye Wade.

Amadou Diarra has transhumated. This is one of the news that will mark the local elections scheduled for January 23, 2022. Amadou Diarra exchanged with the President of the Republic Macky Sall this Monday, May 10 at the Palace of the Republic where he broke the fast in the company of Abdoulaye Timbo, mayor of the city of Pikine and faithful member of Apr. “Amadou Diarra went today (Monday) to the Palace to formalize his rallying to the Alliance for the Republic (Apr)”, a source told L’As. A decision that had a heavy impact, since the North Pikine Councillor had openly declared that he would never be a militant of the ruling Apr party. I will never be an ally of Apr. We have to face up to the next elections,” he said.

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Within APR in Pikine, this rally or this transhumance of the mayor Amadou Diarra will make much talk. The young republicans have always claimed that Amadou Diarra is not welcome in the presidential sphere. They often chanted the slogan “No to Amadou Diarra at the Apr.” The mayor of Pikine nord probably has a reason strong enough to defy all his principles and join the President of the Republic Macky Sall whose himself criticized the management of the country. 

However, this rally of Amadou Diarra is not unanimous among its supporters. They intend to remain loyal to the PDS regardless of the position of the mayor of Pikine Nord.


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