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SENEGAL – Nabou Dash puts the rope around his neck, a fifth time. The Web in turmoil

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This Sunday, July 17, 2022, in the presence of several celebrities, the Senegalese jet setter became a star of social networks, Nabou Dash, put the noose to his neck. And this for the fifth time. It must be animated by a real marital inclination. At the announcement of this umpteenth wedding, the Senegalese press ignited for the Senegalese web star. It must be said that she has more bad relationships than a Jennifer Lopez.

Of all the Senegalese influencers, Nabou Dash is the one who unleashes the most passions. Not a week goes by without her making the front page of the peoples’ newspapers, without her turning the web upside down. Let’s say it! Nabou Dash is by herself a crunchy subject. A big piece that frightens any columnist who craves inspiration who loves his outings. Pure product of an ultra-competitive star-system, social networks, this robocopeed star with scalpel and scalpel makes Internet users gossip.

However, it is important to note that before being at the head of this financial empire and earning the ranks of notoriety, this businesswoman did not have an easy life. Née Seynabou Diop – we won’t reveal her age – in a modest Senegalese family. As a child, she experienced destitution, sordid misery: her mother struggled to tie both ends; food, ungrateful, slipped from her lips. In short, she grew up in total poverty. In Europe, the social consequences of such a childhood produce serials-killers, emotionally marked adults for life. At Nabou Dash, it will be the opposite effect. She will get to work, demanding more from her than the body and mind can suffer. Through a lot of hard work, she will end up doing well by launching herself into online sales. Today she is at the head of a huge empire.

Nabou Dash ©Page Facebook Nabou Dash

Nabou Dash, a bimbo addicted to cosmetic surgery?
Nabou Dash is no longer twenty years old. She has redone everything on her; from the head to the big toe. She gave herself a state-of-the-art body. Even if it is a subject of mockery. From her nostrils to her buttocks, teeth and breasts, all the growths of her body are stuffed with botox and silicones. It has imposed physical changes, lightening its skin and modifying its capillary implantation to become a perfect archetype of European beauty.

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This Sunday, July 17, Dakar was in turmoil. All the celebrities of the city have given themselves the word in order to give a special stamp to the wedding of the bustling Dakar influencer. Daba Seye and her orchestra have been on the show until early morning. It’s an exercise she’s used to. She’s on her fifth. Impossible to discourage her. Not tired of burning in the embers of the conjugal homes, Nabou Dash returns to the charge once again. She got married on Thursday 17 July with Yaram Mbergane, Director General of the company CCE SARL of Senegal, a 4/4 car is part of the sumptuous dowry. She will be his third wife. What will be the future of this marriage? We won’t know? The influencer did not fail to make an ironic cuckoo to her ex that her new husband is: “a real man, tall and strong, unlike the man 1.60 m high and 33 kilos”.

Nabou Dash ©Page Facebook Nabou Dash

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