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SENEGAL – Ousmane Sonko arrested for disturbing public order


The leader of the Senegalese opposition Ousmane Sonko has just been arrested, this Wednesday, March 03, 2021, by elements of the Intervention Group of the National Gendarmerie (GIGN). He was apprehended for disturbing public order while he was on his way to the Dakar courthouse where he had to face the judge of the 8th cabinet in a case of repeated rapes and death threats.

The leader of the Pastef party, Ousmane Sonko, was arrested by the GIGN and sent to the Research Section of Colobane for, according to his lawyer Me Bamba Cissé, disturbing public order and participating in an unauthorized demonstration. Ousmane Sonko was due to be heard on Wednesday by the judge of the 8th cabinet Mamadou Seck in the case of repeated rapes and death threats for which he is brought before the courts. His followers, who wanted to accompany him to the courthouse, thus formed a procession in the streets of the capital. But, that was without counting with the police who wanted to pass only Sonko’s vehicle.

The procession was blocked at the Mermoz roundabout. There were clashes between the security forces and the escorts. Tear gas grenades were fired and a reporter was injured during the clashes. Ousmane Sonko then posted a post on his Facebook page to denounce the blockage of his convoy and indicate that no one has the right to impose an itinerary on him. “My car has been blocked for more than an hour by the gendarmerie commanded by the Prefect of Dakar. This reeve was caught saying he’s going to issue a warrant to bring in to pick me up. No one has the right to choose a route for me. I have had the bailiff check me accordingly. I am a citizen free of his movements. I look to national and international opinion on these serious violations of our rights,” he wrote.

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The GIGN then intervened to evacuate the close guard of Ousmane Sonko as well as all the cars that were within the perimeter of the convoy. “I hung up with him a moment ago. They evacuated everything that was his inner circle. They took everyone away. He is apparently with his lawyer. They were checking to see if his driver is still with him or if he is being evacuated. They injured people they brought to different places,” said his lawyer, Mr. Ciré Clédor Ly, earlier. The boss of the Patriotes was then apprehended and sent to the Research Section where his followers are currently rushing.


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