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SENEGAL: Sada Cissé Thiam, 25 years old, civil engineer

Sada Cissé Thiam

Sada Cissé Thiam attended primary and secondary school in Matam before settling in Dakar where he graduated.
Oriented to PCSM (Physics Chemistry and Science of Matter) at UCAD, Sada prefers to follow a training in civil engineering.

In 2016 he joined a construction company where he was a construction manager and project manager, he supervised and led the construction of phase 4 and 5 of the Mixta Senegal city, during the same year, with friends, he co-founded a construction and property management company, ICG-Immo, where he holds the position of Technical Manager. He is also the founder of a company specializing in construction and urban transport (SCTU).

Today, he leads a project of 48 villas type F3 in Grand Mbao and with a friend, computer scientist, he plans to embark on computer and service.

Preparing a master’s degree in structural calculation, Sada Cissé Thiam is also a trainer in CAD software (Robot DDC, Millenium and CBS) and CAD (Autocad, Archicad, and Artlantis).

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Beside his activities, Sada is also an activist and blogger, he is involved in several citizen fights. His favorite quote “God has only sketched man, it is on earth that everyone is created. ”


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