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SENEGAL: Students from Kelle High School hit by a truck at Beude Forage

Image of the accident at Beude Forage this Friday, January 8, 2021

While returning to Beude Forage, in the department of Kébémer located in the region of Louga, four students of the Kelle High School in terminale class were hit on the sidewalk by a refrigerated truck this Friday, January 8, 2021 around 5 pm. An extraordinary scenario that resulted in the death of one student at a time and the evacuation of the other three to the hospital, one of whom will lose his life on the way. Our special envoy Amadou Thiam was there.

A spectacular system consisting of three fire brigade vehicles and two Gendarmerie pick-ups were dispatched to evacuate the victims and report the circumstances of the accident. The driver and his apprentice were trapped after the front of the truck was knocked over. It took the fire soldiers more than half an hour to get them out.

The sadness and distress were easily visible on the faces of the principal of the institution, Dr. Fall, as well as the Censor M. Diagne, the Superintendent General M. Ndour and Intendant M. Diakhaté, all present to inquire into the situation. The students, victims of this accident, were on their way back after their class from 15:30 to 16:30 this Friday, January 8. They had no idea that if they walked on the sidewalk, they would be the victims of the loss of control of the driver of the refrigerated truck who lost control and drove into them.

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A terrible shock that resulted in the death of two students and the injury of two others. The classes were immediately suspended on the orders of the principal and the teachers made the trip to try to bring their moral support and understand the reasons for such a tragedy.

These students worked at Kelle High School, in the municipality of Merina Dakhar located in the department of Tivaouane. This high school, ranked first in the Thiès region during the 2020 baccalaureate with more than 90% success rate, receives each year students from surrounding schools such as Ngaye, Beude Dieng, Beude Forage, Ndiaye Thioro, Ngui-Nguiss or Thill.


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