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SOUTH AFRICA: Musa Motha, a success despite his disability.


Musa Motha is a young dancer artist. He underwent surgery because of a cancer that cost him a leg amputation at the age of 11 years. But Musa Motha decided to pursue his dream and to be a very famous artist today.

The young South African artist started as a DJ but his love for music and his uncontrollable no-dancing behind the turntables pushed him to turn to dance. He made his first appearance on the street before joining the Vuyani dance theater in Johannesburg in 2018.

Following his appearance in the musical piece having been very successful: “Cion, the Boloré Requiem Ravel”, Musa impressed the public by dancing with a crutch.

Beyond his artistic life, the young artist in vogue animates conferences and is often invited in the plateaux to encourage his fellow living with a handicap. He pushes them, to indulge in sports or artistic activities in order to get rid of these prejudices that are made for the disabled.

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During the month of October, Musa Motha will have to travel to New York to open the international plane and sell his artistic passion.


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