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UNITED STATES: Biden calls for unity and promises to be President of all Americans

Président Joe Biden @Est Républicain

Joe Biden was invested 46th President of the United States on Wednesday, January 20, 2021. After his swearing-in, the new President called for unity in a unifying speech. The most powerful man in the world recognizes that America is divided, the Republicans on one side and the Democrats on the other, but he wants to work to bring them together.

On Wednesday, January 20, the United States invested its 46th President. Joe Biden, 78, was sworn in on the Bible, with his right hand raised against Supreme Court President John Roberts. This inauguration comes against a backdrop of strong tensions between the Republicans and the Democrats. Therefore, his mission is to gather all the sons of America and face the challenges of the day. “The solution is not to fall back on oneself. We must stop this civil war between the reds and the blues,” he said before adding, “To overcome these challenges, restore the soul and secure the future of America, it takes more than words. This demands the most elusive of all things in a democracy: unity».

The new President recalled, to denounce them, the incidents that occurred at the Capitol on January 06. “We stand here just days after a seditious group thought it could use violence to muzzle the will of the people, to stop democratic work, to drive us out of this sacred land,” Biden said. Despite the violence in Congress and accusations of electoral fraud, Biden reached out to Donald Trump’s supporters. “I promise you this: I will be the President of all Americans,” he said, adding, “I promise you that I will fight as hard for those who did not support me as for those who did”.

Biden also aims to eradicate “white supremacism” and “domestic terrorism”. “With unity, we can do great things, defeat this virus, fight racial injustice and make the United States a force for good again in the world,” he said.

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The new US President also addressed the rest of the world. He promised to rebuild the alliances destroyed by his predecessor and to work to make the United States a strong partner for peace, progress and security.

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