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SUDAN: The African Union suspends the country until the establishment of a civilian transitional authority.

Sudan suspended from African Union (AU) Pan African organization suspends Sudan @ TV5MONDE

Sudan is suspended from the African Union (AU), the pan-African organization, until the creation of a civilian authority of transition in this country confronted with an escalation of violence. The pan-African organization, which pleads for a rapid transfer of military power to civilians since the coup that ended Omar Al-Bashir’s reign on April 11, made the announcement on Thursday, June 6, 2019.

The AU Peace and Security Council announced on its behalf that it “suspended with immediate effect the participation of the Republic of Sudan in all activities of the AU until the effective establishment of a civilian authority of transition, this being the only way to enable Sudan to emerge from the current crisis. ” Sierra Leonean President Patrick Kapuwa said at a press conference that “The Council will automatically impose punitive measures on individuals and entities that have prevented the establishment of civil authority.

On April 15, after the overthrow of Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir four days earlier, the AU gave a fortnight to transfer power to civilians. At the beginning of May, she had reiterated this ultimatum by giving the military a further sixty days to hand over power to civilians. It was not the case.

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A committee of doctors close to the protest says at least 108 people were killed and more than 500 wounded in three days, mostly in the brutal dispersal of a sit-in in front of the army headquarters on Monday. the Sudanese capital. While the Military Council denies any use of “force“, evoking a “clean-up operation” near the rally that would have gone wrong. According to the authorities, she did not make “more than 46 deaths”.


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