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SENEGAL: Monster demonstration: The platform “Aar li nu bokk” still in the street.


As part of its fight for transparency in oil and gas contracts, the “Aar li nu bokk” platform has come out this Friday, June 21, 2019 in the Centennial Alleys in Dakar, the Senegalese capital. Their goal: to demand that the state shed light on accusations against Aliou Sall, the brother of President Macky Sall, through an investigative program of BBC’s “Africa Eye”.

This time, the event was well authorized by the prefect of Dakar. The mobilization was large-scale. Thousands of people have been present in the streets of the capital for this gathering. The protesters waved the national flag chanting “Sunu Oil! Sunu 400 000 thousand! “To demand light on the oil contracts signed between the State of Senegal and foreign oil companies.

The demonstrators have decried the actions of the Head of State Macky Sall and his brother Aliou Sall without forgetting Frank Timis, the businessman of Polish origin, at the heart of this scandal socio-economic transactions dubious according to the BBC . Through this popular discontent, Senegalese reproach him not only to interfere with his family in the affairs of the state but also to make a blatant favoritism that astonishes all citizens. And yet separating his family from state affairs, was one of his election campaign programs on which the Senegalese elected him to the presidency. They have long fought against former President Abdoulaye Wade accusing him of wanting to make a monarchical devolution in favor of his son Karim Meïssa Wade.

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Today, with this scandal exploding, the Senegalese rebels, ask both the State and the government, explanations on this hot issue that is the management of oil and gas national.

Malal Tall, better known as “Crazy Fool”, member of the citizen movement “Y’en a tired”, argued that “this fight has only one name which is Senegal, it is not the fight of only one person and that of all Senegalese.”

The coordinator of the “Aar li nu bokk” platform Cheikh Tidiane Dièye, the Pastef leader Ousmane Sonko, the mayor of Mermoz Barthélémy Diaz, the activists Guy Marius Sagna and Karim Xrum Xaq as well as student and civil society movements have been to this large gathering.


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