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ZAMBIA: People fight against corruption

Manifestants - Photo credit: izf.net

Hundreds of Zambians took to the streets of the capital Lusaka on Saturday, July 20, 2019 to express outrage at the high level of corruption in the country and the management of power by President Edgar Lungu.

Protesters, led by Laura Miti and Chama Pilato, known for their commitment to the fight against corruption, rang the rally by waving yellow cards and chanting anti-corruption slogans.

“We will not accept that our country is destroyed before our eyes,” says Laura Miti, head of the NGO Alliance for Community Action. As in most African countries, she blames Zambian leaders for their continued use, forgetting the largely majority people.

For her, Zambia is a poor country but lacks quality leaders. Some ministers had about 40 cars while the Zambian people live in extreme poverty. In January 2018, Foreign Minister Harry Kalaba resigned to denounce “growing corruption” in the government.

Similarly, Emerine Kabanshi, former Minister of Community Development and Social Services, who was charged with fraud, will be tried in August 2019 in Lusaka.

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Note that President Edgar Lungu, since his re-election in 2016, is regularly criticized by opponents who find him dictator and even too authoritarian. In 2018, he had his main opponent Hakainde Hichilema imprisoned.


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