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UNITED-STATES: Donald Trump in electoral fraud case

Donald Trump

The former US president, Donald Trump, is involved in a vote-rigging affair in the state of Georgia. During the presidential elections on 3 November 2020, the outgoing president reportedly tried to pressure a certain Brad Raffensperger, in charge of the elections, in order to capture the votes of voters in this part of the United States.

Donald Trump is caught up in an audio recording published by the Washington Post in which he tries to convince the Georgian State Electoral Officer, Brad Raffensperger, to review the figures and proceed with a new recount.An attempt at fraud and corruption in order to win the election in this state, which has 16 electors. “All I want is to find 11,780 ballots … because we won this state … There’s no harm in saying that you recalculated … You know what they did and you don’t talk about it: it’s a crime, you can’t let it happen, it’s a big risk for you.” , said the former US president clearly in the phone recording. A request rejected with diplomacy by the courageous Brad Raffensperger who simply replied “we think our numbers are good.”

The figures in question put the candidate Joe Biden largely winner with more than 12,000 votes of difference. The latter was elected President of the United States on 14 December 2020 with 306 electors against 232 for outgoing President Donald Trump.


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