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UNITED STATES: Reactions of Barack Obama following the death of Georges Floyd

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Former President Barack Obama reacted to the death of Georges Floyd through a letter posted on his tweeter and facebook page. A death that engulfs the city of Minneapolis with protests that are struggling to stop and that have spread to the largest American cities even in New York.

Barack Obama denounced on Friday, May 29, 2020, the death of Georges Floyd, a man of African American origin asphyxiated during an arrest by a policeman who placed his deadly knee on his neck. The police officer and his three other colleagues have since been fired. The policeman who pressed his knee on Floyd’s neck was arrested and charged.

On the letter we read: “This should not be ‘normal’ in the America of 2020. This cannot be ‘normal’. If we want our children to grow up in a country that lives up to its greatest ideals, we can and must do better. I share here a discussion with my friends these last days of the video of the last moments of the 46-year-old African-American dying face down against the bitumen under the knee of a policeman”

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This death has provoked many manifestations of anger across America.

In the president’s letter, he also evokes his growing frustration when he watched the video sent by one of his friends, which became viral where a young African-American singer aged 12 years, Keedron Bryant sings a vocal lyric about the death of Georges Floyd “I just want to live”

Cette mort a provoqué de nombreuses manifestations de colère à travers l’Amérique.

Dans la lettre du président, il évoque également sa frustration grandissante quand il a visionné la vidéo envoyée par un de ses amis, devenue virale où un jeune chanteur Afro-Américain âgé de 12 ans, Keedron Bryant scande un lyrique vocal sur la mort de Georges Floyd “Je veux juste vivre”


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