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IVORY COAST – Public Treasury Gets Seven Smart ATM’s


The Directorate General of the Treasury and Public Accounting, through its Treasury Deposit Bank, has inaugurated seven new ATMs, two (2) of which are new generations called smart ATMs. The inauguration ceremony was held on Wednesday, 24 February 2021, in Abidjan-Plateau, in the presence of Vassogbo Bamba, Deputy Chief of Staff and representative of the Minister of Economy and Finance, Adama Coulibaly. 

The Directorate General of the Treasury and Public Accounting, strengthens its deployment and the modernization of its services by equipping itself with ultra modern aircraft. Seven new ATMs have been set up at the Bank’s main branch in Abidjan-Plateau. The intelligent ATMs make the Treasury, one of the first public administrations, members of the GIM-UEMOA network, to have such a modern and innovative device at the sub-region level.

It is pleased to note that the Public Treasury has taken a new step, in its beautiful modernization dynamic, through the establishment of state-of-the-art ATMs, designed to offer more diversified services to users, well-equipped andbeyond the range of traditional services provided by the ATMs of the local banks. This ability to reinvent itself constantly, in line with the evolution of its missions, is well known to all Administrations of excellence in the modern era,” declared the representative of the Minister of Economy and Finance, Vassogbo Bamba.

According to the Deputy Director General of the Public Treasury, Arthur Ahoussi, this activity is part of the modernization of management tools and methods, a major strategic focus of the Ivorian Public Treasury’s 2016-2020 Strategic Development Plan, today, in its evaluation phase. “In line with the realization of this project, since 2019, our administration has built its digitization strategy around the triptych: digitization of working methods – digitization of means of collection – digitization of means of payment”, he explained.

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Presenting the characteristics of the new ATMs, he pointed out that, in addition to the traditional cash withdrawals and pay requests, these ATMs make it possible to issue cheques, make cash payments and edit account statements. In the long term, it should even be possible to open accounts and make personal transfers.

When it comes to ATMs installed inside the country, they will mainly have to provide relief to public servants who felt aggrieved until then. Better yet, in 2021, the Treasury Bank plans to launch a major project to open 50 ATMs in its 50 branches across the country. “The Treasury Deposit Bank is more than ever a local bank, ready to meet the expectations of all public servants working in cities in the interior of the country, even the most remote ones, where banking is not available. The Bank thus complies with its vocation to offer a public banking service, but above all of quality to all citizens of the country,” stressed Arthur Ahoussi.


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