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RD CONGO – Gims occupies 11 consecutive first place on radio in France

Maître GIMS @Capture Facebook

Ghandi Djuna aka Maître Gims remains the number 1 on the radio in France.  The Congolese rapper occupies this place for the 11th time in a row. The spiritual father of the song “Dressed Like Never”, “I’m Getting Out” or “So Far, So Good” is not moving one iota.He maintains his leading position in the French musical ring.

Rapper Maître Gims seems to be unstoppable from first place on the radio in France. Its title “All is well so far” is still number one in France. Similarly, the song Warano from the album “Le Fléau”, released in December 2020, is still the leading song of Radio in France.The artist, having postponed the release date of his new album, had nevertheless unveiled two new sounds.

Known as the number 1 producer of French rap songs and one of the biggest record sellers in France, Gandhi Djuna, aka Maître Gims or more simply Gims, was born on 6 May 1986 in Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. His father is a singer in the late Papa Wemba’s troupe. He has fourteen brothers and sisters, four of whom are rappers: Dadju, Bedjik, Xgangs and Djelass. Gims is married to a French woman of Malian origin Demdem. The couple has four children. 

Master Gims arrived in France with his parents when he was only two years old. His parents having arrived in France clandestinely, he lives a difficult childhood, wandered between foster families and left to himself. As a teenager, he started in rap with the rest of the Sexion d’Assaut, which later became famous in the Parisian milieu thanks to his numerous participations in freestyles and battles, then began to make people talk after the music video Anti-tektonik in 2008. It takes the nickname of «Master Gims» in reference to Asian cinema and the world of martial arts.But in March 2019, Master Gims revealed on his Instagram account that he wanted to change the stage name, and decided to simply call himself Gims.

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It was in 2013 that he released his first solo album, entitled Subliminal, which sold a million copies and is certified double diamond disc. Two other albums follow: Mon cœur était raison, released in 2015 and Ceinture noire in 2018, whose music video exceeds 10 million views on YouTube. The latter was even reissued twice. In 2020, Maître Gims released a rap album entitled Le Fléau. The album is certified platinum record a month and a half after its release. The rapper has sold more than 5 million records, including 3 million albums since the beginning of his career.

Maître GIMS @Capture Facebook
Maître GIMS @Capture Facebook

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