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SENEGAL – “The nerds are presidential bandits: fight back vigorously!”, Ousmane Sonko Tonné


The leader of the Pastef-Les Patriotes party, Ousmane Sonko, faced the press on Friday, June 18, 2021. He addressed several issues including that of the nervis who accompany the President of the Republic Macky Sall in his economic tour. The opponent called on the Senegalese to defend themselves, to retaliate, if however they are attacked by these armed men who according to him are “presidential bandits, thugs”.  The politician also took the opportunity to launch the slogan in the Pulaar language “Senegal tampi” (Senegal is tired) to allude to the prevailing socio-political situation in the country. The big demonstration on Wednesday, June 23, was another point discussed: a symbolic date that recalls the big rally of 2011 against the presidential ticket of the then president, Abdoulaye Wade.

Ousmane Sonko, the leader of the Pastef-Les Patriotes party, went straight to the press conference held on Friday, June 18, 2021, The issue of the nerds who accompany the President of the Republic Macky Sall in his economic tour is, for him, a real political and security scandal. He expressed his outrage at this dangerous situation for the country. The leader of Pastef invited the populations not to remain passive in the face of these humiliating and violent intimidations. He urged them to defend themselves and face those he considers “presidential bandits, thugs”. The nerds are presidential bandits: fight back vigorously!” insisted Ousmane Sonko.

According to him, the Head of State Macky Sall who struggles to give a precise answer concerning a third mandate for 2024, “dishonor the Police and the Gendarmerie by integrating men of indescribable brutality, charged with mistreating a people that the defence and security forces have an obligation to protect.” According to him, these policemen and gendarmes are now “reduced to being complements of nervis staff”.  The leader of the Pastef-Les Patriotes party is adamant, “We must fight back because Macky Sall knows only brutality, violence and abuse of power.” The monopoly of legitimate violence in a republic belongs to the regular forces. We have to stop these nerds,’ the Senegalese opponent told the press.

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Still, according to the candidate who came third in the 2019 presidential election, we must continue to lead the revolution and fight at all costs the dangerous methods of governance employed by the Head of State.”Macky Sall’s strategy is what we call the strategy of chaos. He knows himself to be a sociological and political minority in the country, an extremely minority. It tries to create a situation of insurrection to justify recourse to the exceptional powers that the Constitution has provided for situations where Senegal would be attacked from outside or from inside,” the anti-system candidate added.

Finally, Ousmane Sonko challenged the international community on the excessive excesses of the President of the Republic Macky Sall. For him, it is time to arrest the head of state who thinks he is a half God to whom everything is allowed. It is undoubtedly the real problem of the Republic of Senegal, the public danger No1 to fight in the name of justice and democracy. The only terrorist apprentice in this country is Macky Sall,’ he dropped to close the game.


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