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SENEGAL – The pikine 9 school is now named after former director Lamine Niasse


On Saturday, June 19, 2021, the opening ceremony of Pikine 9 School was held. This institution is named after Lamine Niasse, who was the former principal. Lamine Niasse or El Hadj Lamine Niasse! Her name resonates like a legend. There was a time when the man of letters from St Louis, the former capital of Senegal, was the strong man of the school 9 of pikine Darou Khoudoss.

Lamine Niasse was born on 06 December 1932 in St Louis, her father Birama Niasse was an official in the Senegalese administration and her mother Diakhou Fall a beautiful princess of Cayor.

Former students, former neighbours, former companions, nephews, children, women, close to the family, All remember the man of rigour, the man of righteousness close to God, the man whose charism left no one indifferent.  

Welcome to the world of multiple lives of Lamine Niasse former principal of school 9.

Portrait of Lamine Niasse

Lamine Niasse attended the Ndiolofène elementary school in St Louis from 1944 to 1946. It is a fervent talibé Khadre of Sheikh Sheikh Sidy Mohamed in Muyassar with a title of SHEIKH.

Having lost his father very early, he will be recovered by his uncle Babacar Fall Inspector of Education who educated him, inspired him and gave him the love of the profession of teacher. Posted in Mauritania (AOF) this uncle formed the first Mauritanian executives including President Moctar ould Dada who devoted a rich passage to him in his book “contre vents et marées “aux éditions Kartala.

In 1949 Lamine Niasse was part of the first normal course class of Boutilimitt where he obtained his elementary patent in 1951. He served as an assistant teacher at Kiffa until 1953. 

A man full of vocation! It was also in 1953 that Lamine Niasse was incorporated the French army as the second miner at the merchant camp at Rufisque. He was released in 1954 and assigned as assistant teacher to ALEG (RIM) then to Rosso in 1957 and to Kaedi in 1959 from where he obtained the CAP and was assigned to NEMA as Principal in 1960 where his eldest daughter was born.

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He was then reassigned to Rosso to run the primary school until July 1964. He attained the rank of principal teacher of exceptional class.

With the independence of Senegal, he returned to his country of origin and became the first Director of school 9 in October 1964 in the Dakaroise suburb of Pikine. The long and beautiful story will take shape for 22 years.

In 1986 he will be assigned to the Berthe Maubert school in the city center of Dakar the capital. He will retire in 1991 at the age of 59.

His former teachers described him as a great educator and a humble man.

Thanks from Lamine Niasse

During his stay at Pikine 9 School, he initiated micro gardening, poultry farming and breeding at school, an initiative that was highly valued by teachers, parents and students. This model was also used in other schools.

His idea attracted three French and two Senegalese inspectors who described him as an excellent teacher followed by very positive evaluations.

He will also lead the experimentation of the 3 educational reforms: notably the CLAD method, the new school and the introduction of the Ouolof language in the television class.

In 1987, Lamine Niasse was decorated and raised to the rank of Chevalier des palmes académiques. He is a model teacher.

In 2010, Lamine Niasse made the pilgrimage to Mecca. A man of faith, a man of rigour whose charism, intelligence, availability, generosity and professionalism have been rewarded through this historic decision: his former students of school 9 want to immortalize his name forever engraved in marble, they want to honor forever as this great life-size man with a life full of teachings.


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