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SENEGAL: Diary Sow finally gives news

Diary Sow

Senegalese student Diary Sow has finally given sign of life. A preparatory class student at the prestigious Parisian Lycée Louis-le-Grand, she has been missing since 04 January 2021. A great mobilization was organized by the Senegalese on the web and on the ground to find it.

Diary Sow is alive. This is at least what the letter sent to his sponsor and Minister of Water, Serigne Mbaye Thiam suggests. “Hello uncle. I want to say that I write to you as freely as I left. I left enough evidence behind to let people know that I was leaving voluntarily. I’m not hiding. I’m not running.Consider it a kind of salutary respite in my life,” and so begins the correspondence.

However, the student said she would not give up her previous life. “I’m not sorry I left, I’m sorry about the inconvenience of leaving and the people I hurt,” she says. She doesn’t want to hear about running away, she considers it a very derogatory word for such a deep quest.“Those who seek a rational explanation for my act will be disappointed because there is none,” she says. According to him, it is not a question of overwork, madness or desire for freedom, but rather of an irrepressible, irrational and deeply irrational desire.

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Yet she is aware of the audacity, the cruelty of her approach. “I know what torment I am facing with my decision, “I know the consequences that it will bring, that it already brings,” she wrote, saying that she would never have believed that her name would fuel so many debates, that so many people would worry. She asks Serigne Mbaye Thiam, who has become her godfather since her father’s death in April 2020, to reassure people who are looking for her: “I am fine, I am safe.Know that I am terribly, deeply sorry».

A letter which, far from closing the debate, has once again opened the door to controversy. Indeed, some Senegalese wonder if she did not write this letter under threat. Others find it just a whim while others are more understanding. In any event, the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office, which had opened an investigation into a “disturbing disappearance of a major” on 7 January, entrusted to the Brigade de Répression de la Délinquance Contre la Personne (BRDP), risks closing the investigation into his disappearance.


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