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SENEGAL: President Macky Sall lifts ban on the export of peanut seeds


The President of the Republic of Senegal, Macky Sall, took the decision to lift the ban on the export of peanut seeds. The purpose of the suspension measure was to allow a correct supply of Senegalese oil producers, including SONOCAS (Société nationale de commercialisation des oléagineux du Sénégal). Formerly Suneor, it is the first agribusiness company in Senegal, the main partner of farmers in the peanut sector and the country’s leading table oil company.According to the Head of State, SONOCAS must be reformed to adapt «to the realities of the market».

The ban on the export of peanut seeds has been lifted. It was President Macky Sall who made the announcement during his face-to-face meeting with journalists after his speech to the Nation on 31 December 2020. Addressing the current peanut marketing campaign, he referred to the “balancing act” in which the State is engaged, for a good supply of peanut seeds to local oil producers, including the National Oilseed Marketing Corporation of Senegal. However, President Macky Sall is aware that the government must at the same time take into account the need to preserve the export market.

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The government wanted, through the suspension of the export of peanut seeds, to help SONACOS and local manufacturers to source seeds to operate and the decision to lift this suspension is intended to encourage exports. However, he believes that SONACOS, for its part, must be reformed, since its functioning is “no longer in line with the realities of the market” which, according to him, have “completely changed”. We need reforms. SONACOS needs to change its approach. SONACOS has to go to the edge of the field, but to stay in the factory and wait for seeds to be brought in, it can’t go on,” said President Macky Sall. He thus advised SONACOS to try to invest in the export market which would constitute “a promising niche” for him.

The groundnut marketing year began in November, with a minimum purchase price of 250 CFA francs per kilogram. An exceptional amount but which remains below the offer of Chinese buyers who offer 275 to 300 FCfa per kilogram paid cash.


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