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[MUSIC-IN] – “Mbalax” the new album of Senegalese music icon Youssou Ndour

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Article by our correspondent Mido Sow from Morocco

The icon of Senegalese music Youssou Ndour hit again hard for this end of the year, he has just put on the market on November 12, 2021, a new Album whose title is “Mbalax”. From words to images, from images to words, the planetary star won his bet, he succeeded once again to dazzle his audience. After two years of absence from the national and international scene, he has just made his mark through pen, image and speech, for this album of twelve tracks. The vocal lead of the Super Étoile, both businessman and politician, has approached from several angles different themes as well societal, economic, environmental as political of this new album. This new production is for him a cry of heart that plunges us into a cultural diversity to a swan song for our Africa, especially our very dear Senegal where he tells the present and hopes for a better African future. According to the renowned artist, the title of the album “mbalax” comes from the sabar which is of Senegalese root, therefore from the pure “made in Senegal”. Its internationalization made it undergo a meeting between the traditional and the modern through an opening to the world thanks to the mixture of musical instruments of other countries. In this article, we will look at the twelve tracks that make up this new album.

The song “Corona” the pandemic that ends up shaking the world. It emphasizes barrier actions and taking vaccines to prevent or mitigate the risk of contamination and spread.

Thione Seck, Ballago Ndoumbé Yatma”, emotionally unqualified. A vibrant tribute was paid to another baobab of Senegalese music that died on March 14, 2021 as a result of a short illness, (peace to his soul!). Very normal, and very logical, the lyricist of Senegalese music went away forever.

“Zero waste”, our environment, the living environment, civics, citizenship education, humanism make it possible to take better charge of our environment and space. Make the community beautiful and clean.

Da-fa-laa”, Trust is the basis of a sincere and lasting love. Mutual respect, communication are a guarantee of real love, in a global way, in any relationship, whether friendly or in love, trust should be the basis for the consolidation of the fabric of love.

“Tatagal”, This song is for fans and music lovers of Youssou Ndour’s music. He pays them a vibrant tribute through a message of thanks throughout his musical career of more than fifty years. The fans are at the beginning and end of all the successful contests of the artist, without them, the artist is not king of *Mbalax*.

“Fay Bor”, paying his debts, as in literal transcription. It’s not just financial, but it’s social and cultural.
“Good neighbours”, to ask forgiveness, to help one another, these values of solidarity, of living together, of social cohesion, for a harmonious society.

Ndox”, water! Source of life. Indispensable to the life of human beings. Even if access to water poses a real debate in the countries of the Third World, this source of rare life is becoming increasingly rare, especially since we are in a world where capitalism has finished taking over the social aspirations of the most vulnerable strata.

“Wax-ju-bari”, the controversy of too many. The current societies, where the enslavement of social networks have finished dehumanizing man. In a context of tension, especially in third countries, linked to the inactivity of youth, left to its fate, a helpless and desperate youth, in the quest for a better living environment. Very flexible reactions that force the governments of certain countries to review their copy with regard to youth and the sovereign people.

“Gaggantiko”, This song is about rehabilitation, not correction. A form of education with much more warmth, in order to transmit virtues and values that transcend the life of the individual. Because it could have an impact on the psychology of the person. Multiple education, as advocated by Durkheim. The different forms of education that may exist in a society. For example, diola in its way of educating, serene and soninke.

“Mama Africa” is the enhancement of our identity. Africa, a land of integrity, natural resources, minerals, oil and gas. Paradoxically this continent does not move one iota. A notorious lack of will to aspire to change from all angles, and an imprescriptible and inalienable need.

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“The Solution”, a life lesson to be brief in this intonation. To forgive oneself and to one’s neighbor, whatever the degree of disillusionment. In this case, to have height, to be indulgent, to take a step back would be the sum of the attitude to adopt for a world much more humanized.

“Moll”, fishermen in French, this time to sing in an atmosphere of celebration, of joy , while leaving a message of encouragement, of motivation with the sole purpose of boosting them in what they do, because being of an indescribable usefulness .

The Mbalax album”, in a fluid and stylish language, plunges us into our deepest quest for self, confronts us with our most angelic tears and our most diabolical laughter. I believe that we are music lovers first of all because listening to music is a pleasure and it is measuring the sweat of its author who, through comforting, anguishing, serene words, reveal to us the mirror of our uncertainties and worries.


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