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[MUSIC IN] – Aya Nakamura on the cover of Forbes magazine

Aya Nakamura @ Page tweeter Aya Nakamura

Aya Nakamura, whose real name is Aya Danioko, continues to make a name for herself through her unprecedented exploits in the world of music. Her success can be explained above all by her seriousness and her love for music. She becomes an essential force of international music. The public discovered it at the age of 19 after the publication of Karma, his first title, on social networks. She made a name for herself by winning a contract at Warner Music in 2016.Aya Nakamura continued her rise on the international stage making her one of the best in her field. While in December 2020, the French artist of Malian origin was elected “Francophone artist of the year”, she has just been chosen to appear on the front cover of the American magazine Forbes. A recognition for the singer who has already exceeded the billion listens on the musical platform Spotify for her album “Nakamura”. 

Aya Nakamura aka Aya Danioko 
Aya Nakamura, whose real name is Aya Danioko, was born on 10 May 1995 in Bamako, Mali. A Franco-Malian singer-songwriter, she comes from a family of griots and the eldest of five children. Aya Nakamura was a child when her parents arrived in France. They settled in Aulnay-sous-Bois, in Seine-Saint-Denis in the 93. The one who had dreams of becoming a model maker ended up being a star of the microphone, she will chain the successes in this new musical passion.  ” But I stopped liking it, so I sang,’ she explained in an interview.

First step in music on Youtube with the song “J’ai mal”
It all started on social networks after the release of his first song entitled Karma in 2014. Aya Nakamura was then 19 years old when she crossed paths with the French composer and producer of Malian origin, like her, Seysey, whose real name is Yohann Doumbia, she writes a love song that speaks of grief “J’ai mal”. This song quickly exceeds millions of views on Youtube and launches Aya’s career. She signed her first artistic contract with Dembo Camara and launched herself forcefully and selflessly into the musical world not soft enough for French of African origin.

“Djadja”, a diamond disc is sold for more than 500,000 units
After a remarkable start on social networks and numerous collaborations, Aya Nakamura’s breakthrough came with the release of her first album entitled “Journal intime”, published on August 25, 2017, which will then be certified platinum record.  

In November 2018, she released her second album “Nakamura”, where she made herself known to the general public, propelled by the single “Djadja”. With sales of more than 500,000 units, the album is certified as a diamond disc by SNEP. Aya the intrepid of the scene keeps climbing the mountains to reach the sky. His songs are outperformed in French-speaking countries and abroad.

The year 2020 marks a turning point in her musical career, she is the most listened to French-speaking female artist on Spotify, with more than a billion listeners. The same year, his third album, “Aya” arrived on the market where we found singles such as “Jolie Nana”, “Plus jamais” (in collaboration with Stormzy) or La machine. Less than 3 months after its release, 100,000 copies were sold in early February 2021, making it a platinum record. This will be his second album certified by the SNEP.

Aya Nakamura @Page tweeter Aya Nakamura

Much criticized in France but much listened to and appreciated internationally  
French of Malian origin, criticized at the beginning, flagellated for her style and her use of French from the cities, Aya Nakamura is unquestionably the queen of podiums internationally. After Europe, his music went beyond the borders of the Atlantic. The American stars notably Rihanna dances on his song “Djaja” on his instagram. Sam Smith, a British television and music personality, writer, composer and performer had posted a video on Instagram in which he shows his talents as a dancer on this title that exploded the hit-parades. Even Brazilian footballer Neymar couldn’t hold back. 

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Aya’s style is between urban pop, zouk, R&B and afrobeat, making her a unique artist. The particularity of Aya Nakamura results from the fact that it is anchored in its African roots while remaining contemporary.  

Aya Nakamura @Page tweeter Aya Nakamura

From his Music Awards nomination to the cover of Forbes
Aya Nakamura is like a tsunami on the French musical landscape, nothing could stop it. In 2018, she won the W9 D’OR award in the category of Most Listened Female Artist with the title “Aya Nakamura”. She is also nominated for the Music Awards in the French Song of the Year category for her cult song titled “Djadja” whispered in all circles and by all social strata in France, Europe and the United States. Things do not stop there for the beauty of the podium hits. In 2019, the album “Aya Nakamura” won the Public Choice Awards at the Music Moves Europe Talent Awards. 

Aya Nakamura @Page tweeter Aya Nakamura

Each year with her awards, in the year 2020, she wins four awards with “Djadja” and “Aya Nakamura”: Francophone Female Artist of the Year at the NRJ Music Awards, Female Artist of the Year at the Deezer Awards, International revelation of the year at the LOS40 Music Awards and Grand prix du répertoire Sacem for export at the Sacem Grand Prix. 

Finally 2021 will have lots of surprises for the French singer of Malian origin, she is nominated for the Victoire de la musique in the category Female Artist. It will then be another good news for the artist. On the occasion of its special edition “Women”, the prestigious American magazine Forbes chose singer Aya Nakamura for its first cover. A choice motivated by the meteoric rise of the French singer of Malian origin. She is described as “a major French and international artist” on the magazine in this issue dedicated to “40 Forbes women 2021”.

Aya Nakamura @Page tweeter Aya Nakamura

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