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SENEGAL – Discovering Thierno Guèye, author and law student

Thierno Guèye, Writer

Born in Darou Mousty in June 1996, Thierno Guéye is a law student at Gaston Berger University in Saint-Louis and a writer whose type of predilection is poetry. It is linked to literature by a love that has manifested itself since its first steps as a schoolboy. At only 25 years old, he is already the author of four books: “Les amours: la mère et la femme aimée”; “Tout haut, Touba”; “Darou Mouhty: j’y reste”; “Et le cri humain”.

Published in 2019, «les amours: la mère et la femme aimée» is his first book. It was published by the publishing house Edilivre. This collection is a song intended to pay homage to two creatures of a profound particularity. Even if it is impossible to sing them to the measure of their merit, it is important to say a few words, just to show that we think of them. This book aims to make known that the mother is worthy of respect and consideration, that she must not be grieved. As for the beloved woman, this book is a sort of admission of our inability to live without her. Thus it behooves man to cheer him up, to strive not to displease him.

A few months later, the native of Darou Mousty published his second collection of poems entitled «Tout haut, Touba», a book published by Artige. This book revolves around the spiritual environment of the author. In fact, in this book, he deals with everything that revolves around Mouridism without having the pretension to go around. The collection reflects his firm desire to make any contribution in the Mouride universe. He pays tribute to all those who move this great brotherhood. It was also an unexpected opportunity for the author to express his gratitude to the first and final reference: Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba.

Thierno Guèye, Writer

Following the book «Tout haut, Touba», his third opus «Darou Mouhty: j’y suis, j’y reste» was published by Artige in 2020. In a deep lyricism, this collection is a song to the honor of the land of the author, the holy land of Thierno Ibra Faty. There he conveys and shouts a belonging that he is proud of. The work is the way in which the author wishes to share the pleasure conferred on him by the Creator by making him stay on earth, on the chosen soil of Bamba’s choice.

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It is a book inspired by duty and which strives to publicize the sublime sweets and the beautiful virtues that can be dug out everywhere else but that can only be found in the one who had the complete trust of the prophetic servant.

Thierno comes to us with his fourth book «Le cri humain» published by Harmattan Senegal.Between denunciations and interrogations, this book is intended, through a light poetry, a study on Man and the situation of his state of origin in relation to the multiple changes concerning him and taking place in his environment. He insists on his contradictions and his actions which sometimes go beyond the framework defined to his humanity. It calls youth to an awareness while highlighting those who can serve as references.

Thierno Guéye lives on literature while making it live. Passionate about poetry, he has the ambition to better demonstrate his talent with publications carried by other literary genres such as the novel and essay.


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