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SENEGAL – The senegalese Papis Niang Artbi Manageman is the “National Prize of Fraternity”


Papis Niang Artbi Manageman was awarded the “National Brotherhood Award” by the Association des écrivains de la plage des livres in France. This award comes as the producer and director, with the collaboration of a collective of Senegalese and French artists, initiated a song “Bienvenue au Sénégal” which is one, “l’hymne à la fraternité”. In this project Abdou Guité Seck and Sébastien Piémontesi are composing music.

It is at the Château de la Guignardière in Avrillé in Maine-et-Loire where the award ceremony was held this Saturday, June 19, 2021. It is a consecration for Papis Niang Art bi. The association of writers of the beach of books in France honored him with this award. The goal is to magnify the work he has been doing for years with artists. “I am very pleased with the invitation and this award. We were invited by renowned writers here in France and they awarded us the “National Brotherhood Award” launched Papis Niang Artbi.

President Frédéric Mazé, journalist-writer and lover of Senegal, presented him with the award. Sébastien Piémontesi French singer, fervent defender of the continent was present at this award ceremony. As a reminder, Sébastien Piémontesi sings in Peul and French. Most of his music videos have been filmed on the continent from which he never leaves.

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Frédéric Mazé, for his part, wished to congratulate the whole team for this professional artistic work which is a “Hymn to brotherhood”. A deep text that is an ode to Senegal, the country of Teranga and hospitality. 

Another major project between Senegal and Brittany is underway. It is the adaptation of Frédéric Mazé’s collection “Une fleur en hiver” into a musical. It mixes Brittany and Senegal. “Welcome to Senegal” which is one, “Hymn to Brotherhood” will be part of this artistic production. “The song “l’hymne à la fraternité” has been selected for a compilation of the project of the album “Une fleur en hiver” where there will be the participation of great French artists including Deep Forest and Cécile Corbene or Nathalie. We ask for the support of all Senegalese to make this project a reality,” said Papis Niang Artbi.

Le collectif sénégalais du projet Une fleur en hiver. (©Claire Bajen-Castells.)

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