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SENEGAL – Youssou Ndour and the «Super Étoile de Dakar» sold-out tour

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Friday the 13th… It seems that this date does not bode well. Nonsense? Despicable superstition? In any case, Youssou Ndour and the «Super Étoile de Dakar» have just proved us the contrary. I was saying that on Friday, May 13, 2022, in the mythical Carnegie Hall in New York, the Senegalese star and her orchestra delivered a sensational performance to an admirable audience, against a background of mbalax. They are musically ready. Each one has fulfilled his role very well, played his score wonderfully. Of all the artists who have come to Carnegie Hall this year, You is certainly the best of them all – It’s not because I’m African that I read it.

You and the «Dakar Super Star»: a real combo
They were discovered at the end of the 1970s. Sparkling. Sulphurous. They were said to have been surprised by notoriety. That the reality was going to fall on them from one moment to the next. Many of us thought that this tenor group would lose its UT over time. Time has passed. Nothing has changed. We screwed up; neither the staccatos of success, nor the jolts of glory, nor even the media storms could disagree with them. It’s as if You and the «Super Étoile de Dakar» had signed a pact. More than forty have passed since, the pact has been scrupulously respected: one instrument, the other sings. Everyone finds his account.

Now! Let’s push the doors of the Carnegie Hall! An American room with French decor that will heat Senegalese! Isn’t that beautiful, it comes and goes triangular! Inside the hall, it’s like at the opera: a parterre, balconies and dressing rooms and a room full as an egg. On the last balcony, the hen house, the public, captivated, caquette in delirium. In a dive, a man, in a big blue bouboubou, holds the top of the pavement. He wears chromatic corrective lenses. He caresses the audience with his eyes. He dominates it with his superb sature. A way of lending control of things. It’s Youssou Ndour. Behind him, an orchestra, in African toilet: it’s The Super Star of Dakar. The orchestra gives it. An irresistible voice made clearer by a perfect mastery of the music sat the audience. Hands beating in chorus. We can say it: Youssou Ndour has reached the limits of his art. He is a composer, a first-rate performer who knows the importance of the musical question. Something that made him minister of culture a few years ago.

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Paris! Here we are!
In New York, Youssou Ndour and the «Super Étoile de Dakar» broke the house, they made the show. On Saturday, June 18, 2022, they will go to France. They set up shop to try to do better than in New York. The group will set fire to the Accor Arena. Good news for all lovers of You and Senegalese music in Paris. Youssou Ndour, on his Facebook page, announced the event. It will be a party: playful drums, melodious tam-tam, dancer guitars. And, uh, a crazy vibe.


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