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CAMEROON – Tayc, the tornado of afrolov’

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Take cover! The Tayc tornado is putting pressure on online download platforms: Shazam, YouTube, Spotify, etc. His new single “No Effect”, available on YouTube since May 5, 2022, had over 3 million views, a hit.

While beginner rappers seem to be picking up the pieces, Tayc walks on the velvet. To say the least. From Alchemy (2017) to his first album Nyxia (volumes I and II, 2019), including H.E.L.I.O.S (2018), everything smiles on his face. In 2020, he returns with Fleur Froide. The success that his songs have achieved is of high quality: the applause that greeted each of his releases was more than a simple endorsement, it was if you want recognition that expressed itself in this way; and this recognition went just as much to hip-Hop to the artist. Or vice versa.

An exceptional voice that navigates between two styles: Caribbean and Afrolove. Tayc embraces many styles: well-crafted shades that excite girls. He joyfully plays his voice, like a writer who oscillates between different styles trying to find his own. Let’s remember his first name – Julien Franck Bouadjié from his last name in civil status – because, let’s say right away, this young artist is currently experiencing something crazy. Everything that touches, becomes gold; Alchemy! Everything succeeds in it: it is heard everywhere; on radio waves and the Internet. It is a chain of radio and television programs. Be prepared not to escape this new phenomenon that raises all levels of praise. All the sunflower eyes are on him, the solar: Helios!

Tayc @Page Facebook Tayc

Born 26 years ago in Marseille, this son of Cameroonian arrived in Paris in 2012 to give meaning to his life. He tries to dance first and then to the theatre. All that doesn’t really cheer him up. He’s going to turn to singing and writing. Very quickly, it is the success: the acronyms, the featuring. Triple NRJ Music Awards, ‘streamed’ several million times and the brilliant collaboration with the famous saxophonist Manu Dibango on the title Ewondo (2019). Today, he is well established at Label H24, at Barack Adama, one of the members of the Assault Sexion.

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It was during the 11th season of the show «Danse avec les stars», broadcast on TF1, that we were many to discover, Tayc. He was grandissime: he was moving, tempo, playing the kidney… And in the final, on Nov. 29, 2021, he triumphed with Fauve Hautot. In front of two big names: Bilal Hassan and Michou (Miguel Mattioli). The two were so solid that crazy rumours had begun to run on their account. Tayc was definitely a stage animal. It’s not! He’s also an actor in a Christmas Flow series.

Now, Tayc is focusing on his international tour. After playing sold out at the Trianon in Paris in 2021. From August 2023 onwards, he will perform concerts all over the world. On his Facebook page, he announced the colours: “Afrolov is coming soon”! He will be in «Montreal, Toronto, Geneva, Brussels, Marseille, Paris and the four corners of France». The series of concerts will continue until 07 Dec. 2022 at the Accor Aréna in Paris.


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