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FOOTBALL: FC Barcelona: Lionel Messi’s big announcement


It’s the fire at FC Barcelona. If it started long before the disaster against Bayern Munich, the 8-2 cashed put the club in turmoil, and for the first time, really sowed doubt on the future of Lionel Messi within his club of always. By SeneNews

With another year of contract and a release clause at 700 ME, the Argentinean is not concerned by a classic transfer.But the situation is such that, if he were to announce his will, it would be almost impossible for Barcelona’s leaders to go against him. In any case, this heats up a lot since the Argentinian newspaper Olé announces that Lionel Messi has made a decision for his future, and will announce it in the next hours, or even the next days to the maximum.

For its part, the Spanish channel Cuatro announces that Manchester United has put the package in recent days to make a dantesque offer and thus convince Lionel Messi to sign in the north of England. In recent times, in case of departure, the name of the sevenfold Ballon d’Or was evoked on the side of Inter Milan, Manchester City of Pep Guardiola, and PSG of his friend Neymar. Suffice to say that the next communication of Lionel Messi will be closely followed by the whole football planet. In any case, the Argentine press believes that the torch has been burning for too long between the Pulga and the Catalan management, which has irritated its superstar several times this season, and recently asked Luis Suarez to find a new club. The drop of water?

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