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SENEGAL – Barthélemy Dias attacks the redistribution proposed by Macky Sall

Barthélemy Diaz @lequotidien.sn

The mayor of Mermoz Sacré-cœur, Barthélemy Dias, expressed his indignation in this new project of cutting especially in the department of Rufisque. For him, this reconfiguration is only a deal between the government of Senegal and some crooked members of the opposition. On his Facebook page, on Friday 7 May 2021, he posted a message in which he denounced this decision taken for this part of the Dakar region and which, according to him, hides purely political interests. 

Barthélemy Dias was quick to react to the new division proposed by the Head of State Macky Sall. The member of Taxawu Senegal sees in this decision the political calculations of the government in collusion with a part of the opposition. “History will hold that this aggression against DAKAR is carried out with the complicity of a certain opposition and in the days to come we will take our responsibilities. All of Senegal’s problems are linked to the calculations of the opposition’s drug dealers,” Barthélemy Dias said on his Facebook page.

For the mayor of Mermoz Sacré-cœur, it is time to continue to face the current regime in the name of democracy and respect for the rights of Senegalese. According to him, this project, a corollary of political calculations, must not pass. “Only the struggle liberates,…””, he said in conclusion.

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Remember that with this project of redistribution of this area, many things will change. The municipality of Keur Massar created in 1996 will be erected in department. Sangalkam and Jaxaay become districts. Medina Thioub will be attached to the commune of Sangalkam and Niacoulrab to that of Tivaouane Peulh and Niaga. Jaxaay will join the department of Keur Massar. This is not all, the commune of Bambilor will lose 5 villages to the benefit of the commune of Sangalkam: Kounoune, Kounoune Ngalap, Keur Daouda Sarr, Keur Ndiaye Lo, Cité Mbaba Guissé. Therefore, the commune of Bambilor will now have 14 villages instead of 19. Another change will also be noted in the municipality of Jaxaay-Parcelles-Niakoulrap created in 2011. Before this new configuration, it was part of the department of Rufisque but now it will be affiliated to the department of Keur Massar.


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