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DR CONGO: Lema Mabidi: The Congolese wins the conflict against Raja in front of Fifa

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The Raja of Casablanca has just lost a new case before the FIFA Litigation Committee. Lema Mabidi will receive a big cheque.

The list of players in financial dispute with the Raja is growing. The already suffering Casablancais club’s treasury should face the new verdict of FIFA in the case of former Congolese player Chikito Lema Mabidi.

We learn from the Lesport360 this May 21 that a new judgement came down this week about a dispute between the Greens and their former player Lema Mabidi. The FIFA therefore agrees with the Congolese player and forces the Raja to pay him his money. The court has just ordered the club of Casablanca to pay the coquettish sum of 280.000 dollars to Lema Mabidi who had signed a four-year contract in 2015 to evolve in the ranks of the Greens.But a conflict broke out between the two parties at the end of the contract in 2019.

“At the end of my contract, the Raja asked me to extend by two seasons, but I refused to do so before being paid. I told them to pay me first, then we sit down on a negotiating table to discuss a new contract, but they refused», said the Congolese player before appealing to FIFA.

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The leaders of the Casablancais club find themselves once again faced with the obligation to respect the decision of FIFA as soon as possible to avoid other sanctions heavier consequences. The daily states that the large number of files concerning the Raja does not play in his favor if the player is not paid.

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