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ALGERIA: Handball: a special flight for the Algerian selection


Algeria will participate in the next Handball World Cup in Egypt. For this major global event on the African continent, the Algerian leaders do not intend to skimp on the means, to put their selection in the best travel conditions. By Afrik.com

The Algerian men’s handball team will travel to Cairo on a special plane to take part in the 2021 World Cup in Egypt, from 13 to 31 January 2021, announced Mohamed Djeraoui, Director General of Sports at the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MJS). The Algerian selection will fly to the Egyptian capital on a special plane on January 11, 12 or 13 for its participation in the 2021 World Cup. The Ministry of Youth and Sports has spared no effort in making available to the Algerian Handball Federation (FAHB) all the logistical and material means for a better preparation of our representatives at the next global meeting,” he said.

The MJS has made available to the Algerian selection a special plane for his trip to Bahrain, But the national coach finally decided to skip the stage in order to spare his players and avoid possible injuries before the start of the world competition. Governments have always responded favourably to FAHB’s requests, as have all national federations,” said Mohamed Djeraoui.

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However, the FAHB would have benefited from a financial envelope of 45 million dinars (FCFA 181.8 million), from the special allocation account for the year 2020, for the preparation of athletes for the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo and the 2022 Oran Mediterranean Games, as well as another financial extension estimated at 19.5 million dinars (78.8 million FCFA), dedicated to the preparation of national teams, according to the APS.

Algeria will start its tournament on 14th January next, with a sulphurous derby against Morocco’s neighbour, for the first day of Group F. Subsequently, the Greens will battle with Iceland (16th January) then Portugal (18th January).

The different groups of the world 2021

Group A: Cape Verde, Germany, Uruguay, Hungary
Group B: Tunisia, Poland, Brazil, Spain
Group C: Angola, Japan, Croatia, Qatar
Group D: DR Congo, Denmark, Argentina, Bahrain
Group E: United States, France, Norway, Austria
Group F: Morocco, Algeria, Iceland, Portugal
Group G: Egypt, Chile, R. Czech Republic, Sweden
Group H: Russia, South Korea, Slovenia, Belarus

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