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BENIN: Patrice Talon wants to make Benin “Label” tourism.


Tourism is now an instrument of development in its own right. And in line with this conviction, the President of the Republic Patrice Talon decided to make Benin a true tourist label. And this requires the renovation of the existing cultural heritage and the creation of new tourist attractions.

The realization of the projects contained in the Government’s Action Program on the tourist plan is obviously taking a boost. This is what could be retained in view of the minutes of the Council of Ministers meeting on Wednesday 20 September 2017. Major projects in the sector have been decided. In addition, AG Imaginaring was selected for a project to assist the client in the operational phase of the development of the cultural and tourist facilities of the Abomey-Allada-Ouidah tourist centers, Porto-Novo and Nikki.

In Abomey, the government envisages the creation of the Abomey Thematic Museum, associated with the site museum of the royal palaces and the realization of an arena of expression and exit of unmasked vodos. At Allada and Ouidah, the Musée Toussaint Louverture (dedicated to the theme of slavery) will be created, the historic museum of Ouidah in the Portuguese fort and the urban and landscape design of the city of Ouidah will be created. Also in Ouidah, the French and English Forts will be rebuilt to host the intercultural center of the living arts and diasporas and the scenographic re-enactment of the active English Fort. In addition, the government is considering the creation of a tourist complex and an immersive itinerary, “Le bateau du départ” in Djègbadji as well as the development of the last 3.5 kilometers of the Slave Route between Place des bidding and the Door of No Return, creating landscaping spaces for mediation and an arena of expression and exit of voodoo in Djègbadji.

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As far as Nikki’s tourist center is concerned, the government’s plan is divided into two parts.

The identical reconstruction of the royal palace of Nikki: this is to restore this high place of the Baatonou culture in order to allow the king and his dignitaries to welcome subjects and tourists under better conditions. This project is intended to demonstrate that the peoples of the North of Benin are the heirs of a great royal civilization and an extraordinary tourist richness.

There will also be built an arena for the Gaani festival. It will provide a greener theater with a capacity of 1500 seats, a platform for dignitaries and officials, technical equipment for the musicians and especially a modern central parade of horses. It is obviously the end of a puzzle for the royal court of Nikki with regard to the organization of the feast of the Gaani. The realization of the projects of Nikki is the concretization of a promise of April 2017 of Patrice Talon to the Royal Court of Nikki received in the palace of the Marina. He then promised to reveal the kingdom of Nikki by massive investments.

These various projects will allow Benin tourism to truly experience a new development. Formerly a sick child of development programs, Talon has obviously decided to create the “Benin Label” in tourism. A way also to reveal Benin.

Source : Les Pharaons.com / By Renaud ACCROMBESSY


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