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CENTRAL AFRICA: Environmental NGOs and human rights concerned about forest protection.


Documenting cases of human rights violations and building capacities on the use of human rights guidelines, observation of forest resources is the objective of a mission carried out in the south-west of the country on the initiative of the NGO House of the Child and the pygmy woman in the framework of the project “Verdir”.

to promote the right of indigenous peoples is an objective set by the NGO Maison de l’Enfant et la la Pygmée. It is in this context that the mission of the NGO has traveled the southwestern part of the country. Jean Bruno Ngougnogbia, project manager at MEFP, justifies the action with the aim of strengthening the capacity of indigenous peoples to defend their right and to ensure the rational management of the forest through the observation guide. This mission comes as several cases of violation and non-respect of the fundamental rights of indigenous peoples are recorded.

The mission has a specific objective, that of filling the gap in the fight for the defense of human rights and the environment. “We have seen serious violations against Indigenous peoples in the south-western part of the country and environmentalists, and these cases are sometimes overlooked for lack of documentation. we carried out a data collection observation mission and distributed simplified guides for the use of these communities and Human Rights and Environment NGOs to better engage in the protection of the environment, “said Jean Bruno Ngougnogbia, project manager” Verdir “.

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According to Didier Gbabezolo, Human Rights Activist in Berberati in the west of the country, the issue of human rights in the locality is still a major challenge, “it is indispensable and imperious today to strengthen the capacities of defenders of human rights and the environment in technical and financial means to carry out its tasks, without which our actions will be futile. And we thank the mission of MEFP which comes at the right time, “he said.

The project “Verdir” is carried out in the Congo Basin and has for credo the respect of the Human rights in the subregion. In the Central African Republic, two forest prefectures, namely the Sangha Mbaéré and the Mambéré Kadei, are identified. Wood accounts for a significant share of the GDP of these countries affected by the project.

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