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CORONAVIRUS: It is a slaughter in the world!


The situation is getting worse in Europe and the United States, the two most affected territories in the world. Nearly 800,000 people have Covid-19 and 34,000 deaths have been recorded.

Overwhelmed hospitals, deaths that number in the thousands every 24 hours. This is the sad daily toll of covid-19 disease worldwide. The European continent is currently the most macabre zone of the pandemic with in particular Spain and Italy which concentrate 2/3 of the recorded deaths. Globally, the latest report shows more than 724,945 cases detected and more than 34,000 deaths.

Usa, the most infected country

Even if it is not the first country to be affected by covid-19, the United States could become the epicenter of the disease. They are currently the most affected country in the world with 143,025 people infected. The disease has killed more than 2,500 people in this part of the world. Donald Trump has announced that he will extend measures to slow the spread until the end of April. “Projections indicate that the death rate will likely peak in two weeks,” said Trump.

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7340 dead in Spain

After the worst day of Sunday lived with the 832 registered deaths, Spain announces 812 additional deaths in 24 hours. This brings the death toll to 7,340. The Madrid region is the area most affected by the coronavirus. A field hospital has also been erected in one of the pavilions of the Madrid exhibition center. This is to be able to accommodate all sick people and allow congestion in hospitals in the region. More than 80,000 people are affected in Spain.

Italy, sad record holder

Italy is the country that has recorded the most deaths in the world with 11,000 deaths out of 97,689 cases reported in the country. But in recent days, the death toll has dropped considerably with 756 deaths recorded Sunday against 889 Saturday.

The African continent, on the other hand, has exceeded 4,700 cases positive for Covid-19 with more than 150 deaths.

Source: Seneweb.


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