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GABON: The National Assembly passes a law decriminalizing homosexuality

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The Gabonese National Assembly has just approved a bill issued by the Executive that decriminalizes homosexuality. It was by a vote of 48 in favour, 24 against, that the text was passed. By Afrik.com

This Tuesday, June 23, 2020 is considered historic. Indeed, today, the National Assembly adopted a law proposed by the Government that authorizes homosexuality previously considered a crime. This vote came after hours of negotiations and discussions, so much so that homosexuality continues to have bad press in Africa where it is very badly seen by the populations in general and openly fought by many heads of state.

The project led by the Gabonese Prime Minister, Julien Nkoghe Bekale, passed by a vote of 48 votes in favour, 24 against and 25 abstentions. With such figures, the text should not be adopted, since the absolute majority required for this kind of law had not been reached. It took a long debate, which led to the failure to count the 25 abstentions, to achieve the desired absolute majority. After the lower house of Parliament, remains the stage of the Senate so that this text, which aims, among other things, the reform of the Criminal Code of July 2019 is fully adopted.

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It should be noted that before and even after its adoption this text has done and continues to do a lot of ink and saliva. We lose our country. This law should never have passed,” suggested a member opposed to reform. “48 Mps shake up an entire nation and its customs”, cowardly, disgraced, another elected national.

Even elected members of the Gabonese Democratic Party (CEO), the presidential party, have not hidden their opposition to this bill. This is the case of David Ella Mintsa, who translated her position through a post on her Facebook account: «My vote today is consistent with my religious and philosophical beliefs and with the habits and customs inherited from our ancestors».


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