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GHANA: Singer Sefa, forced to expose her body for a promotion?

Singer Sefa

The ravishing Singer Sefa, revealed in one of her media releases, that female artists in Ghana, only receive the support and attention they need, when they decide to expose their sexual assets. By Afrik.com

Speaking on TV3’s entertainment show with the host MzGee, Singer Sefa said the only time they attract attention is when women musicians like her, expose their bodies or act seductively.

“There are a lot of people who really sing. A lot of incredible musicians. Efya is there; Efya sings but then you won’t see Efya in the blogs because she’s not crushing someone on stage … or because it doesn’t expose too much or something,” she says.

She argued that while the late Ebony Reigns was talented, the focus was on his body rather than his music. “When Ebony was alive, most of the news you hear was related to the controversy. And not all artists or women musicians want to go in this direction,” she adds.

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“So if I come into the industry and I don’t want to go in that direction, it means-it’s that my songs won’t be heard or you won’t push me because I don’t give you something like this or I’ll never get to the top because I don’t do what you want me to do?” , she asked herself, in a rhetorical way.

Source : Afrik.com


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