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GUINEA: Ban on chicha in Guinea: head of bar owners denounces measure


The ministries in charge of the Budget, Trade and Security announced yesterday Wednesday, January 6, 2021 via a joint decree, the ban, the import, the marketing and the consumption of chicha in Guinea. By Guineenews

The President of the Association des tenanciers des motels, des bars, des restaurants et des night-clubs, joined by Guinéenews, told us of his surprise, while reminding us that “the authorities could have involved those concerned before any decision was taken”. Read his reaction instead!

“I received the decision like all Guineans. The government of the Republic of Guinea has a serious problem. When it comes to decision-making, you always have to involve the entity involved. You have to inform them of the merits of the decision. I am not against legislation or a decision that is consistent with the development of the population. If the chicha has become cumbersome and harmful to society, it is normal that it is stopped but not in a crude way.The authorities should give people time to prepare to give up the chicha. In this case, both sides will understand the merits of the decision. They (the authorities) do not know that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the ones most affected by this decision. Not all shishas are harmful to health. There are people who have invested millions of Guinean francs, they have not yet recovered their money. What will become of them? That the State agrees to always associate in its decision-making the owners of bars, motels and night clubs. In the recent past, the sale and consumption of chicha was prohibited. The authorities themselves reversed their decision. If they still have to reconsider the same decision, they could have involved the people concerned. We will try to meet with the authorities, particularly the Ministries of Trade and Security, to review the situation in order to understand why chicha should be banned in Guinea. As the state is strong, we will see together so that what has invested, does not lose also because it is the young entrepreneurs,” he explained.

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