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GUINEA – International Guinean, Mohamed Bayo, in custody

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Mohamed Bayo was placed in police custody after causing a traffic accident (without injuries) while intoxicated. He then tried to escape.

The events took place in the early morning of Sunday, October 24, in the streets of the Clermont-Ferrand agglomeration. A little before 7 am, in a rental car, the attacker of Clermont Foot 63, Mohamed Bayo, was driving on the boulevard Berthelot, in Chamalières.

0,88 g alcohol in the blood

At an intersection, Mohamed Bayo allegedly ran the traffic light. There was a car in front with two people inside and the two vehicles collided. A material accident, without any injuries, quite banal. Except that the Clermont attacker would have tried to flee. Alerted, the police went to the scene.

The fame of Mohamed Bayo, who grew up in Clermont-Ferrand, being no longer necessary, the people involved in the accident formally recognized him and the police questioned the footballer near the scene of the accident.

He was driving with 0.88 g of alcohol in his blood, a tort level. Mohamed Bayo was therefore placed in custody. A repeat offender, the young Clermont-Ferrand had already been sentenced in 2019 for driving under narcotics, says the Clermont-Ferrand prosecutor’s office.

He could be released this Sunday evening, presumably with a subpoena in his pocket.

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