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IVORY COAST: For the queen of make up Raïssat Zohoré: “It will be a question of beauty and health! “

Raïssat Zohoré, make-up artist.

Raïssat Zohoré has evolved in events for a while already. And Cocobulles 2017 is the major event of its course. This is the famous cartoon and press design festival that brings together a number of cartoonists and press designers in Grand Bassam, which is a resounding success, with big names from the middle, such as the famous Plantu, Damien Glez, Kan Souffle, Marguerite Abouet, creator of the cartoon Aya de Yopougon. She comes back, but this time to talk about the first edition of Abidjan MAKEUP DAY’S, an event dedicated to the actors of the beauty sector in search of innovation, innovations, partnerships and commercial exchanges, of which she is the promoter.

Ze-Africanews.com : What is Abidjan MAKEUP DAY’S?
Raïssat Zohoré : Abidjan MAKEUP DAY’S is the Festival of beauty and well-being. It is an annual event that promotes make-up and advocates the enhancement of the make-up artist but it is first and foremost a platform that highlights innovative beauty techniques. Abidjan MAKEUP DAY’S is also a nod to all the trades of the beauty sector. This annual event will bring together the cream of the beauty sector at every appointment.

Why Abidjan MAKEUP DAY’S?
Abidjan MAKEUP DAY’S because first of all make-up is my passion and because I feel that the make-up artist’s profession is not sufficiently valued in Ivory Coast. Man has always loved to showcase himself through his clothes, but more and more through the face that is the most exposed part of the human body and is the part that we take the greatest care of.

Docteure Make-up.

What are the objectives of this event?
Abidjan MAKEUP DAY’S is dedicated to all actors in the beauty sector looking for innovation, innovations, partnerships and trade. It is intended as a platform for B to B exchanges between professionals in the beauty sector and B to C, giving the opportunity for professionals to get together with their audiences. Since training is the Achilles’ heel of good numbers of beauticians and make-up artists, Abidjan MAKEUP DAY’S offers the opportunity to learn from recognized professionals and to upgrade as it is a constantly evolving profession. The objective is also to demonstrate to the public authorities that the beauty industry is a growing sector that could constitute a financial windfall for Côte d’Ivoire. To support it would be to show a visionary spirit because the Ivorian female population constitutes 49% of the population. Abidjan MAKEUP DAY’S also wants to encourage vocations, thus reducing the unemployment rate in our country, which would help some girls who have no point of orientation towards aesthetic training and ensure a healthy life thanks to a assistance program.

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Sonia Anagonou.

What is a good make-up artist?
A good make up artist is recognized by his talent and even, talent is not enough to be a good make-up artist. Added to this are criteria such as originality, creativity and professionalism; which will give it a certain notoriety.

What should you expect when you come to Abidjan MAKEUP DAY’S?
Abidjan MAKEUP DAY’S offers a wide range of activities, including Masterclasses (Make-up and aesthetics courses highlighting all the latest beauty trends and given by our prestigious speakers), Exhibitions-sales (we put stands at , B-to-B meeting, B-to-C meetings, Secrets Tips, Afterworks parties and Dinner-Gala. Abidjan MAKEUP DAY’S promises beautiful surprises and a colorful event. We expect 6000 people / 05 days for this first edition.

Dieudonné Sénato.

Who are the speakers?
For this first edition, the team of Abidjan MAKEUP DAY’S has set the bar high among its prestigious speakers, Joyce Jacob Beauty, famous Nigerian make-up artist whose evocation of the simple name forces respect. There will be Dieudonné Sénato, a beautician, hairdresser, make-up artist and professional re-finisher. Doctor Sonia Anagonou or the sweetness made woman, doctor of pharmacy she decides to live her passion for the universe of aesthetics by creating a center of aesthetics and alternative medicine or she proposes only beauty treatments and innovative techniques and corresponding to international standards. But also, last but not least; Doctor Make-up, make-up artist and hair stylist. I will therefore give you an appointment from October 3rd to 7th in Abidjan.

Joyce Jacob.

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