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IVORY COAST: Hamed Bakayoko and Woroba on the move to encourage Alassane Ouattara to introduce himself


Faced with the case of force majeure after the sudden departure of the nominated candidate (Amadou Gon Coulibaly, ed.), the man of the President of the Republic encouraged him, through a statement, to stand as a candidate for the Presidential election next October. By Amy Touré

Hamed Bakayoko and his electoral zone of Woroba urged Alassane Ouattara to wear high colors of the RHDP next October to ensure the continuity of stability, desired, beyond the inhabitants of the Country, by all the partners.

“In the current national socio-political context, marked by the disappearance of our friend and brother, Prime Minister Amadou Gon COULIBALY nominated as a candidate of the RHDP at the Political Council of March 12, 2020, we, WOROBA populations … urge President Alassane OUATTARA to agree to stand as a candidate in the October 2020 presidential election.” , said, at the end of a meeting held in Abidjan, the Minister of State and Defence on behalf of the “elected officials of the Woroba District, including the regions of Worodougou, Berea and Bafing”.

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Hamed Bakayoko, who was approached to be the HRSD candidate’s Campaign Director, also recalled “that the daughters and sons of the District of WOROBA, through its different Regions, namely BAFING, BERE and WORODOUGOU have always been fighting alongside President Alassane OUATTARA, for the triumph of the values of justice, equality and freedom in our countries, with unwavering commitment, based on loyalty and loyalty.” , as a statement.

Finally, we learn from a communication from the Presidency that Alassane Ouattara, who since entering the 3rd Republic (new constitution, editor’s note) can apply for two new mandates, will receive in his residence of Cocody in Abidjan, in the afternoon of this Sunday, a delegation from the South Como Region.

Source : Koaci / By Amy Touré


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