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IVORY COST: Déborah Bénédicte N’Cho, the one who dreamed of being her own boss.

Déborah Bénédicte N’Cho.

Déborah Bénédicte N’Cho is the founding director of the company “Debenjo”, specialized in the manufacture of shoes such as sandals, mules and barefoot for men, ladies and children. This young Ivorian has a master’s degree in finance and accounting from the British Institute of Management and Technology and is waiting for defense.

Text: Déborah Bénédicte N’Cho arrived at the manufacture of shoes by passion. She learned the b.a.-ba of the trade on the net, in specialized sites and forums. She then began to draw her models and have them executed by shoemakers in the square, before putting herself there.

This young entrepreneur has set up her business starting from scratch, armed solely with her courage and the will to go to the end of her dream.

Today, Déborah Bénédicte N’Cho heads a team that includes three workers including a workshop manager, a cashier and a salesperson responsible for the reception and organization of deliveries.

Difficulty, this determined woman, has encountered and still encounters them today but she tries to overcome them as she can: “People are fond of things coming from the West. Accepting and integrating our products into the Ivorian and even African market has not been easy. There is also, she adds, the availability of certain raw materials and a certain category of tools and machines for better work.

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But this is not what will stop her in her impetus and her tenacity to succeed in her project. On the contrary. She has been running her business for three years now. And its products are becoming a reference in the market thanks to the quality of services and products it offers.


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