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MALIA: Rokia Traoré case: Bamako pleads for a «balanced solution»

Rokia Traoré ©Facebook Page

The Malian government is supporting the French-Malian singer, who returned to Bamako on May 9, when she was placed under judicial supervision since late March with a ban on leaving French territory. By Jeune Afrique

The head of Malian diplomacy, Tiébilé Dramé, spoke on Monday «the arrival in Bamako on May 9 of artist Rokia Traoré» during a meeting with the ambassadors of Belgium and France in Mali, indicated in a statement the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Tiébilé Dramé “took the opportunity to invite all parties to the dialogue to give priority to the interests of the 5-year-old child,” the ministry said. The Malian government, which had previously expressed its “solidarity” with the singer, “encourages lawyers on both sides to come together to find a balanced solution.”

Find a compromise

The Malian Minister of Foreign Affairs also “invited Jan Goosens, father of the child, and his lawyer to come to Mali as soon as the conditions allow to continue the search for a fair compromise.”

“She is a desperate mother who is afraid that her child will be taken from her, which is why she went to Mali, where she lives,” explained Kenneth Feliho, the singer’s lawyer, on Sunday.

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The Court of Appeal of Paris had approved the handing over of Rokia Traoré to Belgium at the end of March, in the context of the litigation that opposes him to the father of his daughter, famous playwright and Flemish theatre director who directs the Festival de Marseille, in the south of France. While waiting for this handing over, she was initially imprisoned, before being released under judicial supervision with a ban on leaving France.

The arrest warrant against her for «kidnapping, forcible confinement and hostage taking» was issued by an investigating judge in Brussels and stems from a failure to comply with a judgment rendered at the end of June 2019 and requiring her daughter to be handed over to her father, of whom Rokia Traoré is separated.

The singer and guitarist, who claimed on Facebook to have left France by a private robbery, challenges the decision of the Belgian court to entrust the exclusive custody of the child to her father.

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Investigation by the Paris Court of Appeal

According to her lawyer, a Malian court decision granted the singer custody of her daughter. The arrest warrant issued by Belgium leads to the inscription of Rokia Traoré in the wanted list but she left the country regularly from the airport of Le Bourget (in the north of Paris), reported Sunday a French police source.

According to a judicial source interviewed on Sunday, the Attorney General’s Office of the Court of Appeal of Paris was awaiting evidence that the singer did not respect her judicial review. If this is proved, he will ask for his removal from the Chamber of Inquiry, which may order an arrest warrant against her.

Source : Jeune Afrique