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MOROCCO – They want to replace French to English

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Moroccan Internet users have launched a campaign to replace French with English in higher education. The aim is for the British language to be the main language for teaching scientific subjects. 

«YesToEnglishInsteadOfFrenchInMorocco» is the campaign launched under this hashtag by Moroccan netizens. Their ambition draws the attention of the country’s authorities to the issue of the use of French in scientific subjects on the eve of the academic year.

It was on social networks that students and members of the university community expressed their desire to change course. On the side of the Ministry of National Education, Minister Saïd Amzazi gave his position, According to him, the country is not ready for such a change because there is a huge shortage of qualified English teachers.However, the minister reassures us that he is guaranteeing the training of teachers capable of teaching in English over a 10-year period.

In addition, a study commissioned by the British Council in Morocco to better understand the demand and interest of Moroccans for the English language among the next generation was carried out. More than 1,200 Moroccans aged 15 to 25 were interviewed across the country. The report entitled “Shift to English in Morocco”, launched on 23 April 2021, indicates that in urban areas, English is progressing naturally in the Kingdom. 74% think that switching to English will benefit the country’s ambitions to become an international hub for business development in order to attract more investors but especially to promote tourism.According to eu, English will help them in their academic and professional aspirations especially for students who want to continue their studies in a foreign university.

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As a reminder, in July 2019, the Moroccan Parliament voted a text by the Higher Council of Education, a text that aimed to strengthen foreign languages, including French in the education system, which was previously dominated by Arabic.


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