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Emmanuel Macron has just announced “the end of Operation Barkhane” and I have received many messages congratulating me for having helped to make things happen. I would like to thank those who think of me at this moment, but I call everyone to have more measured joy. 

Macron is not in his first blow with this kind of misleading announcements. Just this week, the French media made a lot of noise about the “freeze on its budget support and military cooperation with the Central African Republic”.

However, looking at it, he is content to bring in 5 people who worked in offices, leaving on the ground in Bangui several hundred soldiers and also mercenaries like Juan Rémy Quignolot, recently arrested. 

He did the same by announcing “the end of the CFA franc” in December 2019 in Abidjan, which the most naive have swallowed. Result: the cfa is still there, and it will not change tomorrow, unless we redouble our efforts to completely break this French-African system that gives France the illusion of power and to ourselves the certainty of our inferiority, which could not be further from the truth. 

He’s doing exactly the same thing today.France will remain militarily in Mali, but in the face of the unanimous rejection and constant protest by Barkhane’s French soldiers who kill civilians in the region, he announces the end of the operation, when in reality nothing fundamental will change. 

In the same way that he kidnapped the term “eco” in monetary terms to better sustain the CFA franc, He is using the Takuba force to try to hide the fact that French soldiers will remain on the ground to continue to harm the interests of the peoples of the Sahel by plundering their resources and maintaining insecurity through their jihadist auxiliaries. 

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The soldiers will remain within the European Takuba Task Force (to which Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom refused to participate, which forced Macron to seek Estonia and the Czech Republic), which, I remind those who do not know, was created on the initiative of France and is part of Operation Barkhane. You see the trick? How can Barkhane integrate Takuba when Barkhane is Takuba’s parent company? I told Sochi and I repeat it today: France is moving forward without moving. But the time when they could joke the crowds with this kind of delaying tactics is over.

“France is in Africa only at the request of Africans,” Macron said. It is not his role to replace the African states in perpetuity.” Good time!! We do not want a false start from Barkhane, as a false end of the Cfa franc.

The Africans want France to leave Africa immediately, once and for all, without pretense. We want the total and irrevocable dismantling of French military bases on the continent, the departure of all French soldiers, without forgetting their legionaries, their barbuzes, their spies and even their businessmen, their bizarre humanitarians and their colonial currency.

Just because we ask for it does not mean they will do it. France has never left the peoples it colonized alone until it was forced to do so by taking major defeats. Algeria and Vietnam are the witnesses. 

The fight continues.



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